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The concept of multiobjective optimization (MOO) has been integrated with variable length chromosomes for the development of a nonparametric genetic classifier which can overcome the problems, like overfitting/overlearning and ignoring smaller classes, as faced by single objective classifiers. The classifier can efficiently approximate any kind of linear(More)
Clustering proteomics data is a challenging problem for any traditional clustering algorithm. Usually, the number of samples is largely smaller than the number of protein peaks. The use of a clustering algorithm which does not take into consideration the number of features of variables (here the number of peaks) is needed. An innovative hierarchical(More)
Biometric recognition, or simply biometrics, refers to the automatic recognition of individuals based on their physiological and/or behavioural characteristics. By using biometrics it is possible to confirm or establish an individual's identity based on " who she is " , rather than by " what she possesses " (e.g., an ID card) or " what she remembers "(More)
Usually, software that is deemed reliable does what it shall. Software that is deemed safe, doesn't do what it shall not do, i.e. does nothing that can lead to accident. Example a weapon system should destroy and kill. The property that the system destroys and kills is a reliability property. The property that the software in the weapon system doesn't(More)
Web mining techniques should have the analysis of information originated in the web must be helpful to all users for what they are looking for the personalization of site according to users understanding in website should adopt web data accurately. Only simple context like free text only cannot be so much attracted by all the users. Web site structure have(More)
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