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The intact cell hypothesis states that a reduced number of intrinsically normal hepatocytes, together with hemodynamic alterations, explains decreased drug metabolism in cirrhosis. We explored this hypothesis by comparing results of the aminopyrine breath test with in vitro measurements of aminopyrine N-demethylation and morphometrically determined liver(More)
researcher project had not been possible. Therefore I thank the following persons: Finally, I would like to thank the colleagues both in Nijmegen and Bonn. The former allowed me to go for a while, while leaving some uncompleted tasks behind, the latter warmly welcomed me in Bonn. I particularly liked the MPP seminars, football in the park on Wednesdays or(More)
Power estimation of behavioral hardware descriptions is a difficult task, as it entails inferring the hardware architecture on which the behavioral specification will be mapped through synthesis before the synthesis is actually performed. To cope with the uncertainties related to handling behavioral descriptions, we introduce the concept of statistical(More)
Natural resource-related conflicts can be extremely destructive and undermine environmental protection. Since the 1990 s co-management schemes, whereby the management of resources is shared by public and/or private sector stakeholders, have been a main strategy for reducing these conflicts worldwide. Despite initial high hopes, in recent years co-management(More)
ion in his paintings. He uses the real world as a point of reference and departs from it at the same time. He does this by using an abstract approach to apply oil paint to canvas. He is emphasising the painting as an artificial construct. Davies draws on her experience as a painter who erodes boundaries between her natural forms and the space around these(More)
101000 B Educa on (Primary) 61.80 (V) 101101 B Educa on (Primary) 58.50 (V) 101102 B Educa on (Primary) 58.50 (V) 101104 B Teach/B Arts (Maths) 58.50 (V) 101105 B EarlyChildEd (Birth to 5Yrs) 60.00 (V) 101106 B Teach/BA (Sec-Technology) 58.50 (V) 101107 B Teach/BA (Sec-Visual Arts) 66.30 (V) 101108 B Teach/BA (Sec-Humani es) 58.50 (V) 101110 B Inclusive(More)
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