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World Scientific Review Volume-9in x 6in twitter˙chapter Chapter 1 Community detection and role identification in directed networks: understanding the Twitter network of the care.data debate With the rise of social media as an important channel for the debate and discussion of public affairs, online social networks such as Twitter have become important(More)
Allosteric regulation at distant sites is central to many cellular processes. In particular, allosteric sites in proteins are major targets to increase the range and selectivity of new drugs, and there is a need for methods capable of identifying intra-molecular signalling pathways leading to allosteric effects. Here, we use an atomistic graph-theoretical(More)
Allostery is a fundamental mechanism of biological regulation, in which binding of a molecule at a distant location affects the active site of a protein. Allosteric sites provide targets to fine-tune protein activity, yet we lack computational methodologies to predict them. Here we present an efficient graph-theoretical framework to reveal allosteric(More)
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