B Alvarez-Borda

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The experiments described here show that production of serum antibody to a defined protein antigen (hen egg-white lysozyme) can be elicited by classical Pavlovian conditioning in Wistar rats. Reexposure of animals to a gustatory conditioned stimulus that had previously been paired with antigen induces a reliable increase in antibody production. This(More)
Conditioned immunosuppression can be readily obtained in animals by associating a taste with an immunosuppressive drug. On subsequent exposure to the conditioned taste, the animals show an attenuated immune response and also exhibit a conditioned taste aversion. It has been established that insular cortex lesions disrupt the acquisition of conditioned taste(More)
It has been established that the insular cortex (IC) mediates conditioned taste aversion, and recently we have demonstrated that lesions of this structure disrupt the acquisition of conditioned immunosuppression (CIS). The IC is functionally and reciprocally interconnected with the amygdala (AM) which has been suggested to be involved in neural-immune(More)
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