B. Adolf Stephen

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In this paper we introduce the subclass T S λ p (µ, α, β, δ), 0 ≤ µ < 1, 0 ≤ α < 1, λ, β ≥ 0 of analytic functions with negative coefficients. This class is motivated by the study of Sudharsan et al. (2010). We obtain a coefficient characterization, growth and distortion theorems, closure theorem and a convolution result for functions in this class.
Zeidler are waiting for their running collegues to cross the finishing line. Photo: Henriette Blaesild Vuust p a g e 3 dual appointments, working and teaching part of their time at their 'home' Faculty and research center. Accordingly, this and future CFIN / MINDLab Annual Reports will feature researchers and projects from collaborating research centers,(More)
Suspected chyle leak during complex spine surgery A unique case of propofol infusion resulting in lipid emulsion pooling in the surgical field ABSTRACT The authors report a case of propofol infusion being mistaken for chyle during a two stage thoracic spinal fusion. Propofol is commonly used during spine surgery to facilitate neuromonitoring and there are(More)
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