B A van Ketel

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Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) was performed postmortem on the brains of 40 patients aged over 60 yrs who had died from causes other than brain disease. Periventricular lesions of increased signal intensity on T2-weighted images, graded as moderate or severe, were found in 10% of the patients in the age group between 60 and 69 yrs, and in 50% between 80(More)
There is evidence that the Pena-Shokeir syndrome is not a specific phenotype but should be regarded as a "fetal akinesia deformation sequence". A neuropathological study of six random new cases was performed to evaluate this theory. Brain pathology observed included persistent fetal meningeal vascularization (two cases), agenesis of the septum pellucidum(More)
We describe a median "cleft" face anomaly (MCFA) with congenital hypothalamic hamartoma in a newborn girl. The MCFA was associated with a frontal midline skull lipoma and a complex congenital heart defect. Possible pathogenetic mechanisms are discussed, and a review of the pertinent literature is given. It is concluded that probably all malformations in our(More)
In primary human brain tumours a shift occurs in the synthesis of isoenzymes of pyruvate kinase from the M towards the K-type. In astrocytomas, oligodendrogliomas and glioblastomas, which were localised in the cerebral hemispheres of adult patients over 20 years of age, the shift correlated well with histological grading and growth rate as observed in(More)
A comprehensive prospective clinical study is presented of 75 cases of fetal hypokinesia and congenital contractures of various causes, with neuropathological investigation in 23 cases. With the data of medical history, neurological examination, laboratory tests and neuropathology an exact or probable nosological or syndromal diagnosis could be made in 61(More)
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