B. A. Watson

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We have developed a method for isolating viable protoplasts from the blade phase of the epiphytic marine red alga Porphyra nereocystis Anderson, using a two-step enzymatic digestion with commercially available enzymes. The first step uses papain, the second step uses abalone acetone powder. The method is rapid and gives a high yield of viable protoplasts.(More)
This report provides the first confirmed evidence of Bacillus-like bacteria present in a wine from Washington State. These bacteria were isolated from a 2013 Pinot noir wine whose aroma was sensorially described as being 'dirty' or 'pond scum.' Based on physiological traits and genetic sequencing, three bacterial isolates were identified as Bacillus(More)
Filaments of Griffithsia pacifica replace dead cells by the process of cell repair. When an intercalary cell is killed, but its cell wall remains intact holding the two halves of the plant together, the cell above it produces a repair rhizoid cell; the cell below it produces a specialized, rhizoid-like repair shoot cell. The repair rhizoid and shoot grow(More)
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