B. A. Suresh

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On necessity the cloud computing offers a flexibility in offering a function of resources. This proposal introduces to an new era for accessing information in the cloud computing with the help of mobile phone using the SMS (Short message Service). This would provide the facility to use of the system's cumulative resources, discarding the needs to(More)
Data mining is aprogressively important technology for extracting beneficial knowledge unseen in largeassortments of the data. There are, however, negative social perceptions nearby data mining, between which potential privacy attack and potential discrimination. The latter consists of unfairly considering people on the basis of their fitting to a specific(More)
These Ad-hoc networks are an efficient tool for many applications such as military field, situational awareness, etc. Hence these applications are divided based on the environment that they serve in and by the multi style of communication traffic. Therefore, securing the source node and providing the mediator of the message traffic to become a basic(More)
-Now in existing a technique towards tocatchnovelroute, subsequently connection miscarries among source node and then destination node, formerly the Interior Gateway Protocol (e.g., OSPF or IS-IS) consumestaken a coincidentaltowards recon-verge in reactiontowards the miscarriage. The objectivesubmission is a slight (up to tens of nodes) provincialadmission(More)
The steadfast evolutions in markets and businesses environment prompt the necessity of data mining algorithm for discovering important correlation modifications in order to reactively suit product and the service provisions to customer requirements. The change mining, into the situation of regular item set, focus on detect and report process major change in(More)
This paper reports the results of a field study conducted to obtain managers perceptions of their Management Information Systems (MIS). The basic study involved responses from over 100 MIS/DP managers, users, and other business professionals. The research sampled the perspectives of both MIS and non-MIS personnel and found no great disparities in either the(More)
Various problems in usual language processing like bioinformatics, data retrieval and data mining can be formalized as string transformation which is a mission as like follows. Given an input string, after that the system produces the k most likely output strings those are matching to the input string. In this paper we propose a unique and probabilistic(More)
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