B. A. Reikhardt

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The experiments described here demonstrate that disruption of the phosphorylation of transcription factors of the HMG cAMP/Ca-independent protein kinase CK2 class may be the cause of decreased gene expression in age-related cognitive deficits. Amnesia for a conditioned passive avoidance reaction (CPAR) in aged rats (24 months old) was accompanied by(More)
It has been established that an increase in RNA synthesis in the neurons of the cerebral cortex of rats at the stage of consolidation is manifested in well-trained animals more strongly than in poorly trained animals. The selective influence of propylnorantitheine and demethylated derivatives of ethylnorantitheine on the maintenance of conditioned reflexes(More)
Incorporation of 3H-leucine into proteins of rat brain cell structures during application of antifeins (compounds of alternative action on memory processes) has been studied. No correlation was observed between changes in protein synthesis in nuclei, mitochondria, components of endoplasmic reticulum and memory effects of ethyl-, allyl- and(More)
An important role in the mechanisms of action of the known nootropic drugs is ascribed to macromolecular synthesis [3]. An increase in the intensity of uptake of labeled precursors into proteins of a cell suspension from certain parts of the brain has been demonstrated experimentally. In the modern view, long-term retention of the memory trace is connected(More)
It has been shown that ethylnorantifein and its structural analogues with opposite effects on long term memory reduce the activity of membrane bound phosphodiesterase cAMP with high and low affinity and exert the same directed influence on lipids peroxidation in membranes. A positive correlation was observed only between the action of these substances on(More)
The "in vivo" effects of antifeins on casein kinase NII from rat brain neuronal chromatin have been investigated. Injection of antifeins into rats resulted in changed in cAMP-independent phosphorylation of HMB 14 by casein kinase NII. No changes in HMB 17 phosphorylation were found. Casein kinase NII was isolated and purified from rat brain neuronal(More)
The regulation of rat brain cortex protein kinase CK2 (casein kinase 2) by autophosphorylation has been investigated. Purified CK2 from rat neuronal chromatin is composed of two regulatory (beta) and two catalytic (alpha and/or alpha;) subunits. The molecular masses of the subunits--43 (alpha), 39 (alpha;), and 25 kD (beta)--were similar to those of typical(More)
The authors review different mechanisms of mnemotropic and cerebroprotective effects of nootropic drugs. The data concerning the molecular mechanisms of action of the structural analogs of the memory stimulant ethylnorantifeine (etimizol) have been summarized and analyzed. It is shown that the effects of antifeines on the retention of the conditioned(More)
136 It is known that cerebral hemispheres differ in functional specialization: each hemisphere exercises dominant control over certain functions. It was shown that the morphological basis of dominant structures of hemispheres is formed by more extended brain areas (e.g., speech-motor and motor fields of the left hemisphere and visual fields of the right(More)
Stimulators of long-term memory (ethylnorantiphein and its analogs M1 and M2) were used to study the dynamics of several components of the neuronal calcium-regulatory system in the rat cortex and hippocampus. There were no changes in the activity of the Mg,Ca-ATPase transporter and actomyosin-like Ca-ATPase in synaptosomes 5, 15, 60, and 180 min after(More)