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Research has identified Typhoid Fever (TF) as the major cause of morbidity and mortality in most developing countries. The diagnosis of TF involves several variables which usually makes it difficult to arrive at accurate and timely diagnosis. This research proposes a Web-Based Decision Support System (WBDSS) driven by Fuzzy Logic (FL) for the diagnosis of(More)
The process of mobile phone selection, for several reasons, depends on a number of common individual features possessed by the manufacturers. The recent advance in these products' functionalities is identified as a key factor for the growing number of brands and models that compete in its fierce market and thus leads to the problem of product selection.(More)
Healthcare Delivery Organizations (HDOs) in developing countries have been faced with a number of problems due to their mode of operations. Amongst the problems are improper modes of data storage, insecurity of patient medical records, difficulty in accessing quality healthcare services, high cost of medical services, and inaccurate diagnosis and therapy(More)
Diabetes is a major health problem inherent to people at all age groups in developing countries. Conventionally, diagnosis of this condition was based on blood sugar level however, its effect can be traced from other symptoms such as Body Mass Index, and Blood Pressure. This paper presents a decision support model that can be used by diabetic patients and(More)
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