B. A. Kikani

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A thermophilic bacteria, identified and designated as Bacillus amyloliquifaciens TSWK1-1 (16S rRNA gene sequence, GenBank: GQ121033), was isolated from a hot water reservoir located at Tulsi Shyam, Gujarat, India. The optimum temperature and pH for amylase production were 50 °C and 7.0, respectively. The crude enzyme was partially purified by ammonium(More)
The α-amylase of Bacillus amyloliquifaciens TSWK1-1 (GenBank Number, GQ121033) was immobilized by various methods, including ionic binding with DEAE cellulose, covalent coupling with gelatin and entrapment in polyacrylamide and agar. The immobilization of the purified enzyme was most effective with the DEAE cellulose followed by gelatin, agar and(More)
An amylase of a thermophilic bacterium, Bacillus sp. TSSC-3 (GenBank Number, EU710557) isolated from the Tulsi Shyam hot spring reservoir (Gujarat, India) was purified to the homogeneity in a single step on phenyl sepharose 6FF. The molecular weight of the enzyme was 25kD, while the temperature and pH optima for the enzyme catalysis were 80°C and 7,(More)
The thermophilic bacteria, isolated from a natural hot spring reservoir, Tulsi Shyam (Gir Forest, Gujarat, India) were characterized and diversified using the conventional approaches; Gram reaction, cell morphology, growth patterns, biochemical properties and antibiotic sensitivity. The bacteria were Gram positive, rod shaped and catalase positive. Majority(More)
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