B A Jennings

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OBJECTIVES To determine the value of screening patients with inflammatory arthritis for haemochromatosis-associated mutations in the HFE gene. METHODS We screened 1000 patients with inflammatory arthritis and 1000 controls for the HFE gene mutations that are associated with haemochromatosis. The arthritis patients were diagnosed between 1989 and 1995 and(More)
BACKGROUND Most patients with haemochromatosis have mutations of the HFE gene. However, the risk to people with HFE mutations of developing disease manifestations of haemochromatosis is not known. AIMS To determine the risk of developing cirrhosis and liver cancer in individuals with HFE mutations in a population where few people were being treated for(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to assess the relationship between ankle brachial pressure index and pulse wave velocity in patients with peripheral arterial disease. METHODS Brachial-knee and brachial-ankle pulse wave velocity were measured by pneumoplethysmography using cuffs in a standard technique. Correlation between pulse wave velocity and(More)
The biological progression of chronic myeloid leukaemia is often associated with secondary cytogenetic abnormalities but the molecular mechanisms underlying this progression are poorly understood. This study explores the association of c-myc gene amplification with the progression of chronic myeloid leukaemia in fourteen individuals. Three of these cases(More)
We have examined normal individuals and all the patients currently being treated for hemochromatosis at the Norfolk and Norwich hospital for mutations in the HLA-H gene. We found a gene frequency in 200 normal subjects for teh 845A (C282Y) allele of 0.085, corresponding to a carrier frequency of 17% which is among the highest reported anywhere in the world.(More)
BACKGROUND Several studies have suggested that breast cancer in black women is associated with aggressive features and poor survival. This study examines molecular markers along with clinical stage and pathological grade in breast cancer material from Jos, Nigeria. STUDY DESIGN The histological diagnoses of 178 consecutive Nigerian patients with breast(More)
BACKGROUND Although most patients with hereditary haemochromatosis have HFE C282Y mutations, the lifetime risk to HFE C282Y homozygotes of developing fatal diseases such as hepatocellular carcinoma is uncertain. We have carried out a cross-sectional study to determine the proportion of diagnosed hepatocellular carcinoma patients who are homozygous for the(More)
The 8p11 myeloproliferative syndrome is a rare, aggressive condition associated with reciprocal translocations of chromosome band 8p11, most commonly the t(8;13)(p11;q12). To identify the genes involved in this translocation, we used fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) analysis to show that the chromosome 8 breakpoints fell within YAC 899e2 and that(More)
OBJECTIVE Hyperhomocysteinaemia is associated with peripheral arterial disease (PAD). There are inter-individual variations in the metabolism of homocysteine because of genetic polymorphisms. This study analyzed the role of one polymorphism that is associated with raised homocysteine, as a risk factor for PAD. METHODS This study considered the association(More)