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[Study of the substrate specificity of T4 RNA ligase: interaction of the enzyme with ATP analogs modified through the ribose residue and with affinity sorbents].
To elucidate the role of the ribose moiety in substrate binding, various ATP derivatives modified in ribose moiety were studied as probes for the T4 RNA ligase first stage reaction. The kineticExpand
[Intermediate products of the RNA-ligase reaction].
The first and the third steps of the RNA-ligase reaction were studied. It was shown that the first step of the reaction consists in a formation of an enzyme-adenylate complex. The optimal conditionsExpand
[Hydrolytic stability of a covalent AMP-RNA ligase complex].
Behavior of the covalent [32P]- and [14C]AMP-RNA ligase complex under various conditions has been studied. The covalent structure is shown to be readily cleaved by acid and hydroxylamine andExpand
[Isolation and some properties of polynucleotide phosphorylase from E. coli].
A new method for isolation of polynucleotide phosphorylase from E. coli, including ion-exchange chromatography and gel-filtration has been developed. The method results in 300-fold purification ofExpand
[Effects of light-activated hematoporphyrin derivative on nucleotides and experimental tumors].
The data on the photodamage of biomolecules and experimental tumours by a hematoporphyrin derivative activated with laser radiation are presented. Inhibition of the tumour growth and prolongation ofExpand
[Modification of RNA ligase histidine residues by diethylpyrocarbonate].
The practicality of Tris-HCl buffer for modification of histidine residues by diethylpyrocarbonate (DEPC) was studied using a model protein-hexokinase. It was found that modification was selective atExpand
[Substrate specificity of T4 RNA-ligase: the role of a purine nucleotide base in forming a covalent AMP-RNA-ligase complex].
The NTP binding site of bacteriophage T4 RNA-ligase (EC was studied using several ATP analogs modified in the purine moiety of the nucleotide at positions 1, 2, 6 and 8: adenosine-N'-oxideExpand
[Substrate specificity of T4 RNA-ligase. The role of phosphate nucleotide residues in the formation of a covalent AMP-RNA-ligase complex].
The inhibiting effect of adenosine, AMP, ADP, ATP, gamma-thio ATP (I), beta,gamma-imine ATP (II), beta,gamma-methylene ATP (III), P1,P3-di(adenosine-5') triphosphate (IV), P1,P4-di(adenosine-5')Expand
[Molecular biological mechanisms of photodynamic therapy].
The biological mechanisms of photodynamic therapy, a new approach to the treatment of malignant lesions, are considered. The data on chemical composition of hematoporphyrin derivative are given, theExpand
[A study of the conformation of native and immobilized human somatotropin using circular dichroism].
The conformation of human growth hormone (hGH) as monomer and aggregate as well as of those immobilized in the soluble polysaccharide matrix was investigated. The immobilization resulted in ten perExpand