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The interaction of Cr3+ ions and its cysteine complex with bilayer phospholipid membranes was investigated. It was found that chromium ions and the complex compound are adsorbed on the bilayer lipid membrane surface, changing the intramembrane potential difference. As pH increases, the adsorption of Cr3+ decreases and that of the complex rises. The(More)
Problems relating to the technology of a phospholipid preparation from natural materials, liposome production, and studies into the mechanisms of interaction between metal (trace elements) cations and model bilayer lipid membranes are discussed. The proposed technology of extraction allows for preparation of phospholipids utilizable for liposome formation.(More)
Conductivity of bilayered lipid membrane (BLM) for the ions of alkali metals under action of binuclear rhenium complex (V) [Re2(Ph3P)2 (AHK)2O3Cl4] has been analyzed. It is found that BLM conductivity sharply increases in presence of lithium ions, then it drops and slowly increases again up to maximum value which is not changed. If sodium, rubidium and(More)
Under influence of a binuclear complex compound [Re2(Ph3P)2(ANA)2O3Cl4] a sharp increase (on 2-3 ranges) of conductivity of bilayer lipid membranes (BLM) was found. Then it slowly decreased to some stable level. Similar properties were earlier discovered among some detergents of polyethylene ether nature. A supposition is made about structure rebuilding in(More)
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  • 1994
The medical effect of the cobalt (III) complex compound [Co(DH)2(H2O)2]Cl poisoning by potassium cyanide has been experimentally found. The poisoning has been caused by intravenous potassium cyanide, 1 mg/kg. The aqueous solution of the complex was added the same to cyanide in doses of 40 and 80 mg/kg. The poison and antidote effects were controlled by(More)
The interaction of anionic complex of palladium (II) with the bilayer phospholipid membrane (BLM) have been studied. It is shown that electric conductivity of membrane increases with the rise of concentration of the complex compound. The effect of the lipophilicity and polar properties of a cation on the transmembrane that carries this complex across BLM(More)
Measuring of capacitance and electroconductance of cholesterol bilayers was carried out simultaneously at difference concentration of detergents in electrolyte. A correlation between magnitudes of conductance and capacitance was shown. The most stable bilayers have minimal conductance and maximal capacitance. The stable bilayers are supposed to be formed(More)
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