B. A. Badyshtov

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C57BL/6 and BALB/c mice differing in their response to emotional-stress stimulus in the open field test as well as their F1-hybrids (C57BL/6XBALB/c) with the response similar to that of the C57BL/6 strain have been examined for the initial level and changes in the total content of lipids as well as of TBA-active products and diene conjugates in the brain(More)
The content of cAMP and cGMP in different brain regions was studied in C57Bl/6 and BALB/c mice at rest and upon exposure to emotional stress induced by open field technique. Interstrain differences in baseline nucleotide content, differences in nucleotide distribution in the brain regions and changes in their concentration after stress have been revealed.
The effects of the benzodiazepine tranquilizer phenazepam (0.05, 0.075, 0.1 mg/kg) in the open field test of the mice C57Bl/6, BALB/c strains and their F1 hybrids have been studied. The tranquillizer produced a dose-dependent suppression of the locomotor activity of C57Bl/6 mice, while 0.05 mg/kg activated the behaviour of the BALB/c mice. The response to(More)
The influence of the selective anxiolytic drug afobazole in a single dose of 10 mg on the psychophysiological functions of healthy volunteers was studied in laboratory experiments. It is established that afobazole optimizes some psychophysiological characteristics of stress-labile individuals and has no negative influenceon the parameters of attention,(More)
Thermoprotector properties of a 1 : 1 combination of sydnocarb and ladasten (both in a dose of 10 or 20 mg/kg) along with its effect on the hemodynamics and respiration in experimental animals were studied. The combination of sydnocarb (20 mg/kg) and ladasten (20 mg/kg) produced a significant thermoprotector effect, enhanced the regional and local cerebral(More)
The thermoprotective properties of bromantane were studied during overheating. Simultaneously with the known effects on heat exchange and sensitivity to high temperatures bromantane caused a decrease in ranges of heat tolerance, increased the rate of SVTK growth as well as altered protein metabolism and antioxidant protection and also affected the autonomic(More)
The action of Ladasten, Sydnocarb and their combination used at doses of 10 and 20 mg/kg, produce on working ability of mice was evaluated in the swimming test. It was shown that single doses of tested drugs as compared to their combination produce more pronounced and prolonged positive action on physical work ability of animals used in the experiments.
The in: r , ,ducthm of a new t ranqu i l i ze r of the 1 ,4 -b en z -d i azep in e se r ies , phenazepam, into medica l p rac t i ce is making it urgent to study the dis tr ibut ion of the prepara t ion in the organs and t i s sues of ex 9 ":~,'i..,:.~,::| animals . In view of this, i t is in te res t ing to compare the content of phenazepam at definite t(More)