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328 Communications to the Editor whsere. The frecjememmcv and severity af the cough increased caver the next week. One mnc)rmaimsg while driving tca work, he experiemmced a vioalemst fit oaf coasighsimig, becanse light-headed, and blacked oaemt. Ilis umteamiiealaile (lashed agaimsst a curIa, resulting in coansiderable damage. Tlso’ I);etiomit sooami(More)
We report a case of senna-induced cholestatic hepatitis which was not diagnosed at presentation. A 77 year old male was referred with abdominal pain, jaundice and elevated transaminase levels. A diagnosis of extrahepatic cholestasis was first suspected, due to the observation of a duodenal diverticulum and dilated proximal choledocus. However, the(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the association of precancerous cervical lesions with the presence of endocervical cells on Pap smears; and to evaluate gynecologists' approaches to the information on smear reports regarding endocervical cell status. STUDY DESIGN Pap smear reports on 1,637 samples sent by 12 gynecologists were analyzed. The presence of endocervical(More)
Langerhans' cells (LCs) are intraepithelial immunocompetent cells. Changes in the number of LCs occur in inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. In this study, the number of gingival LCs in patients with type I diabetes mellitus was compared with those of normal individuals using immunohistochemical methods. Gingival biopsies were obtained from 20 type I(More)
It is important to investigate the clothing, as well as the body, to determine the range of fire of entry wounds in firearm injuries. Clothing can affect the amount of gunshot residues (GSR) reaching the body and their distribution. The amount and distribution of the GSR also vary according to the distance between the firearm and the target. Sodium(More)
Peripheral giant cell granulomas are common proliferative lesions of the oral cavity with a predilection for females. In this study, the presence of estrogen and progesterone receptors in 26 peripheral giant cell granuloma cases were studied utilizing the immunoperoxidase technique. In fourteen cases, estrogen receptor positivity was found in stromal cells.(More)
Hypoxic-ischemic brain damage has significant mortality and morbidity in newborns. Although the role of magnesium in neonatal hypoxic-ischemic brain injury related to N-methyl-D-aspartate receptors has been widely studied; the effects of magnesium on neuronal apoptosis have not been known exactly in hypoxia-ischemia. The aim of this study was to investigate(More)
BACKGROUND Cytologic discrimination of cellular nodules, follicular adenoma, and follicular carcinoma in the thyroid is problematic. Methods are needed to achieve a reliable diagnosis. Some sophisticated tools, such as microarrays, offer great potential but lack accompanying morphologic information. METHODS One hundred twelve samples obtained from(More)
Reports on the incidence of odontogenic tumours are infrequent with only a limited number of series having appeared in the literature. In this paper, the results of a multicentre retrospective study on the histologic types and relative frequencies of odontogenic tumours in Turkey are presented. The results indicated that the most frequent histologic type(More)