Bülent Alici

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PURPOSE To present our experience with ureteroscopy and holmium laser lithotripsy in pregnant patients and discuss the need for stents postoperatively. PATIENTS AND METHODS A retrospective analysis was performed on seven consecutive pregnant patients presenting with renal colic necessitating intervention between 1997 and 2003. One patient presented during(More)
INTRODUCTION Transforming growth factor-β1 (TGF-β1) has a crucial role in collagen synthesis and fibrosis. TGF-β1 can be antagonized and/or reduced by the action of certain agents. We propose to identify the role of decorin in treatment of tubular and interstitial fibrosis and in the inhibition of TGF-β1 in an acute ischaemic kidney. MATERIAL AND METHODS(More)
In the current study, a series of 4-chloromethyl-7-hydroxy-coumarin derivatives containing imidazolium, benzimidazolium, bisbenzimidazolium and quaternary ammonium salts were synthesized, characterized and the inhibition effects of the derivatives on human carbonic anhydrases (hCA I and hCA II) were investigated as in vitro. Structures of these coumarins(More)
OBJECTIVES To report a case of unilateral ureteral obstruction associated with giant retroperitoneal urinoma which was treated successfully by percutaneous drainage. METHODS A 19G ultrasound guided needle was introduced into the mass and after dilatation procedure, a 14 Fr nephrostomy catheter was placed and 5.5 of liquid were drained. RESULTS Drainage(More)
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