Børge Haugset

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Automated acceptance testing is a quite recent addition to testing in agile software development holding great promise of improving communication and collaboration. This paper summarizes existing literature and also presents a case study from industry on the use of automated acceptance testing. The aim of this paper is to establish an up to date overview of(More)
This article describes how the use of automated acceptance test-driven development (ATDD) impacts requirements engineering in software development. We extend an existing framework of inherent risks in RE by adding knowledge from literature and a case study. We show how ATDD can be seen as a mix of the traditional RE focus on documentation and the agile(More)
This article describes a group of developers and how they successfully use FitNesse. The study is based on interviews with 4 consultants, and shows that automated acceptance testing was used in two steps every iteration: a specification step where it helped communicate requirements, and a verification step where it helped developers in the process of(More)
Automated acceptance testing is a new and promising agile testing approach. Fit is the most established technical framework for specifying and executing acceptance tests which, ideally, lets the users express requirements in the form of acceptance tests. We performed an industrial case study to learn more on the costs and benefits of Fit tests. We learned(More)
Change Impact Analysis (CIA) is an important task for all who develops and maintains safety critical software. Many of the safety standards that are used in the development and use of systems with a certified safety integrity level (SIL) requires changes of such systems to be initiated by a CIA. The resulting CIA report will identify planned changes that(More)
Authors: Thor Myklebust, Tor Stålhane, Geir Kjetil Hanssen Tormod Wien and Børge Haugset a SINTEF ICT b IDI NTNU c ABB __________________________________________________________________________________ Abstract Agile development, and especially Scrum, has gained increasing popularity. IEC 61508 and several related standards for development of safety(More)
Cloud computing has been receiving a great deal of attention during the past few years. A major feature of public cloud services is that data are processed remotely in unknown systems that the users do not own or operate. This context creates a number of challenges related to data privacy and security and may hinder the adoption of cloud technology in, for(More)
Software testing is a crucial phase in software development life cycle that reduce errors, cut maintenance and overall software costs. Manual testing takes a lot of time and effort, so automation tools are used by testers. There are number of automation testing tools available, but to choose the appropriate tool for the task requires various parameters to(More)