Bérengère de Laval

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The early-response gene product IEX-1 (also known as IER3) was recently found to interact with the anti-apoptotic Bcl-2 family member, myeloid cell leukemia-1 (Mcl-1). In this study we show that this interaction specifically and timely controls the accumulation of Mcl-1 in the nucleus in response to DNA damage. The IEX-1 protein is rapidly induced by(More)
1279 show a different transcriptional response, relative to that of naive macrophages, to a secondary stimulation with pathogen-associated molecular patterns. This is linked to epigenetic chromatin modifications3 and can result in an altered functional macrophage response to a secondary stimulation, such as increased cytokine production or phagocytosis3.(More)
• TPO specifically activates Erk and NF-kB pathways in hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells. • Erk and NF-kB cooperate to trigger their common target, Iex-1, and DNA-PKdependent NHEJ activation in HSPCs upon irradiation. Loss of hematopoietic stem cell (HSC) function and increased risk of developing hematopoietic malignancies are severe and concerning(More)
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