Bérénice Hervé

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Analysis of squeal noise and mode coupling instabilities including damping and gyroscopic effects ABSTRACT This paper deals with an audible disturbance known as automotive clutch squeal noise from the viewpoint of friction-induced mode coupling instability. Firstly, an auto-coupling model is presented showing a non-conservative circulatory effect(More)
OBJECTIVES The implementation of chromosomal microarray analysis (CMA) in prenatal testing for all patients has not achieved a consensus. Technical alternatives such as Prenatal BACs-on-Beads(TM) (PNBoBs(TM) ) have thus been applied. The aim of this study was to provide the frequencies of the submicroscopic defects detectable by PNBoBs(TM) under different(More)
The organization and dynamics of chromatin within the interphase nucleus as chromosome territories (CTs) and the relationship with transcriptional regulation are not fully understood. We studied a natural example of chromosomal disorganization: aneuploidy due to trisomies 13, 18 and 21. We hypothesized that the presence of an extra copy of one chromosome(More)
Maintenance of the state of differentiation in serially cultured bovine epithelial lens cells has been investigated. The radioactive labelled soluble proteins were studied by gel filtration and gel electrophoresis. 1. In the lens epithelium on its capsule, preferential synthesis of alpha B2 vs alpha A2 crystallin subunits and synthesis of beta-crystallins(More)
L6 myoblasts in vitro accomplish the process of terminal differentiation from dividing mononucleated cells to quiescent plurinucleated myotubes, synthesizing muscle-specific proteins. They have been tested, using paraformaldehyde and acetic acid fixations and immunocytochemical techniques, for the presence of Z-DNA at different stages: namely after 3, 5 and(More)
This study aims at clarifying the phenomenological roots of an acoustical disturbance known as " clutch squeal noise ". A nonlinear two-degrees-of-freedom model is introduced in order to illustrate some basic phenomena leading to self-generated vibrations. The damping of the system as well as both circulatory and gyroscopic actions are included in order to(More)
Correlations between cell morphology and the expression of specific proteins (crystallins) have been investigated. Two different culture conditions have been chosen which keep bovine epithelial lens cells (BEL cells) in a monolayer of homogeneous epithelioid cells: (1) bovine retinal extract (EDGF) supplemented medium; (2) extracellular matrix (ECM)(More)