Bénedicte Hubert

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Experimental studies indicated that long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids may increase sensitivity of mammary tumours to several cytotoxic drugs. To evaluate this hypothesis in breast cancer, we have prospectively studied the association between levels of fatty acids stored in breast adipose tissue and the response of the tumour to chemotherapy in 56(More)
Membrane lipids may potentially be involved in cell growth control. The fatty acid composition of membrane phos-pholipids is an important component of the regulatory apparatus for membrane structure and function (Stubbs & Smith, 1984; Spector & Yorek, 1985), including growth factor receptor properties (Ginsberg et al., 1981). Changes in lipid composition(More)
Despite an overall consensus that Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) entails atypical processing of human faces and emotional expressions, the role of neural structures involved in early facial processing remains unresolved. An influential model for the neurotypical brain suggests that face processing in the fusiform gyrus and the amygdala is based on both(More)
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