Bénédicte Bucher

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Much of the information stored on the web contains geographical context, but current search engines treat such context in the same way as all other content. In this paper the design, implementation and evaluation of a spatially-aware search engine are described which is capable of handling queries in the form of the triplet of <theme><spatial(More)
In recent years, with the advent of the web of data, a growing number of national mapping agencies tend to publish their geospatial data as Linked Data. However, differences between traditional GIS data models and Linked Data model can make the publication process more complicated. Besides, it may require , to be done, the setting of several parameters and(More)
The French national mapping agency (IGN) produces several different but complementary geographic vector reference databases delivered in traditional GIS formats. However, linked data users have different expectations and habits, such as the need to browse an entire data catalogue in RDF using the " follow-your-nose " navigation capacity from one graph to(More)
The abundance of cartographic tools on the Web allows users to become mapmakers. But the use of the cartographic language requires a specific expertise in order to make an efficient map that effectively conveys the message intended by the maker. The research work presented in this article focuses on the help to design efficient and innovative maps. First,(More)