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Myelination, one of the last steps of neuronal development, was examined in the human fetal and postnatal hippocampal formation using immunohistochemistry to detect a protein component of the myelin sheath, the myelin basic protein synthesized by oligodendroglial cells. Myelin basic protein-immunoreactive oligodendroglial cells were first seen at the 20th(More)
The development of cerebral cortex includes highly organized, elaborate and long-lasting series of events, which do not come to an end by the time of birth. Indeed, many developmental events continue after the 40th postconceptual week resulting in a long morphological, behavioral and cognitive development of children. Premature birth causes an untimely(More)
Calbindin (CB) is a calcium-binding protein that is present in principal cells as well as in interneurons of the hippocampal formation of various species including humans. Studies with transgenic mice revealed that CB is essential for long-term potentiation and synaptic plasticity which are the cellular basis of learning and memory. In a previous study we(More)
Myelination is considered as one of the last steps of neuronal development and is essential to the physiologically matured function of afferent and efferent pathways. In the present study, myelin formation was examined in the human fetal, postnatal and adult hippocampal formation in Down syndrome and in age-matched controls with immunohistochemistry(More)
The present paper, based on the results of international studies, is focused on the reconsideration of the psychological aspects of induced abortion. By presenting a narrow cross-section of the Hungarian demographic data, we would like to emphasise the necessity and the significance of a deeper understanding of the subject. Factors behind the(More)
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