Béla Székács

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OBJECTIVES To test the effects of chronic angiotensin II administration on blood pressure and small artery biomechanics in the female sex hormone-depleted state (proposed to increase cardiovascular vulnerability) and with hormone replacement. DESIGN Biomechanical properties of saphenous artery segments from ovariectomized (n = 10), ovariectomized +(More)
BACKGROUND The rate and severity of hypertension increase dramatically after menopause. Complications seem to be more frequent and marked in hypertensive patients with greater blood pressure (BP) variability, and antihypertensive treatment does not easily reduce this variability. The effect of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) on BP and its variability is(More)
To reveal a potential modulating effect of vasoactive pharmacological agents on the prostanoid production of the venous wall, prostacyclin and thromboxane release from venous tissue slices was studied. Aortic and caval vein samples from 20 rats as well as from 21 cats were studied. Prostacyclin and thromboxane productions were determined by radioimmunoassay(More)
OBJECTIVE We tested the hypothesis that female sex hormone depletion and estradiol replacement therapy significantly influences the biomechanical properties of intramural coronary resistance arteries. DESIGN Female rats (n=30) were divided into three groups. In group O, rats were subjected to bilateral ovariectomy. Group HRT was subjected to bilateral(More)
Neutrophil granulocytes play an important role in atherogenesis also through their free radical generation. According to recent studies, a point of action by which estrogens can provide protection against atherosclerosis is their inhibiting effect on superoxide anion production. The aim of our study was to test whether this means a common effect of steroids(More)
OBJECTIVE High CO2 sensitivity is one of the major characteristics of the cerebrovascular bed. It has been shown to be influenced by many differrent factors (eg, sex hormones). DESIGN The effect of ovariectomy and subsequent female sexual hormone treatment on the steady-state hemispheric cerebral blood volume and CO2 responsiveness of the hemispheric(More)
Hypertension causes small vessel remodeling, vasomotor alterations. We investigated diameter, tone and mechanics of intramural small coronaries of female rats that received chronic angiotensin treatment to induce hypertension.Angiotensin II infusion (AII, 100 ng/bwkg/min, sc.) was used to establish hypertension in 10 female rats. Other 10 rats served as(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether hormone replacement therapy can reverse established renal microvascular damage in type 2 diabetes and hypertension. DESIGN Prospective, single centre clinical trial. SETTING Outpatient clinics. PARTICIPANTS Sixteen diabetic and hypertensive postmenopausal women (age 47-57 years) METHODS Administration of a cyclic(More)
OBJECTIVE To test whether the menopause entails any changes in the myeloperoxidase activity of neutrophil granulocytes. The effects of hormone replacement therapy on myeloperoxidase activity and related changes in free radical production were also investigated. DESIGN Laboratory investigation of the effect of oestrogen on intracellular myeloperoxidase(More)