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Paraneoplastic nephropathy is rarely associated with human tumors. Little is known about the pathogenetic background of this relationship. To our knowledge, no conclusive study of the association of potentially 'immunogenic' renal cell carcinoma (RCC) and paraneoplastic nephropathy has been published. For this reason, we performed an immunohistochemical(More)
Rare "paraneoplastic nephropathies" are associated with a wide variety of human tumors. Little is known about the pathogenetical background. To our knowledge no systematic study about the association of potentially "immunogenic" renal cell cancer (RCC) and "paraneoplastic nephropathy" has been published so far. An immunohistochemical analysis of native(More)
The classification according to the Water Framework Directive (WFD) includes numerous challenges in contrast with the previously applied water qualification standards. The most important element of the ecological status, the biological one, is based on five groups of living organisms: phytoplankton, phytobenthon, macrophytes, macro-invertebrates and fish.(More)
Following the oral administration of 600 mg rifampicin, the concentration of antibiotic in serum, bile of the gallbladder and choledochus, cholecystic wall, and hepatic tissue was determined with the agar diffusion method in 23 patients undergoing surgery for cholelithiasis. After 80-340 minutes the average rifampicin concentration was 6.4 microgram/ml in(More)
Health evaluation of candidates applying driving license is general practitioner's duty, in the case of driving private cars. In Hungary no generally accepted guideline available on the evaluation process, the necessary examinations etc. A patient with a III degree A-V block was treated by the authors after suffering a serious syncope, with brain contusion,(More)
Authors were studying the relationship between the history data, the diagnostic difficulties, the skin tests and ventilatory functions after provocative inhalation and specific IgE positivity in connection with 40 cases of bronchial asthma. The most important feature of the treatment is the specific hyposensibilisation, which was performed by a depot(More)