Béla Kelety

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The voltage dependence of light-induced proton pumping was studied with bacteriorhodopsin (bR) from Halobacterium salinarum, expressed in the plasma membrane of oocytes from Xenopus laevis in the range -160 mV to +60 mV at different light intensities. Depending on the applied field, the quenching effect by blue light, which bypasses the normal photo and(More)
A rapid and robust electrophysiological assay based on solid supported membranes (SSM) for the murine neuronal glutamate transporter mEAAC1 is presented. Measurements at different concentrations revealed the EAAC1 specific affinities for l-glutamate (K(m)=24microM), l-aspartate (K(m)=5microM) and Na(+) (K(m)=33mM) and an inhibition constant K(i) for(More)
Current and voltage measurements were performed on Na,K-ATPase and sarcoplasmic reticulum (SR) Ca-ATPase. Measurements of current transients under short-circuit conditions and of voltage transients under open-circuit conditions were carried out by employing a solid supported membrane (SSM). Purified membrane fragments containing Na,K-ATPase or native SR(More)
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