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Adult mastocytosis is an incurable clonal disease associated with c-KIT mutations, mostly in exon 17 (D816V). In contrast, pediatric mastocytosis often spontaneously regresses and is considered a reactive disease. Previous studies on childhood mastocytosis assessed only a few patients and focused primarily on codon 816 mutations, with various results. In(More)
Adult's mastocytosis is usually associated with persistent systemic involvement and c-kit 816 mutation, while pediatrics disease is mostly limited to the skin and often resolves spontaneously. We prospectively included 142 adult patients with histologically proven mastocytosis. We compared phenotypic and genotypic features of adults patients whose disease(More)
Treatment options for patients suffering from indolent forms of mastocytosis remain inadequate with the hyperactivation of mast cells responsible for many of the disease's systemic manifestations. Masitinib is a potent and highly selective oral tyrosine kinase inhibitor. A combined inhibition of c-Kit and Lyn make it particularly efficient in controlling(More)
BACKGROUND Telangiectasia macularis eruptiva perstans (TMEP) has not been fully characterized. OBJECTIVE We sought to estimate the frequency and clinical characteristics of TMEP in a cohort of adult patients with cutaneous mastocytosis, and to assess the presence of systemic involvement. METHODS We included all consecutive patients evaluated for(More)
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