Béatrice Rumpler

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RÉSUMÉ. Pendant que le volume d'information augmente, l'importance de la recherche d’information augmente. La CIR (Collaborative Information Retrieval) est l'une des approches conventionnelles dans les systèmes de recherche d’information. Un système de CIR enregistre les interactions des utilisateurs pour répondre aux questions suivantes plus efficacement.(More)
As part of the ongoing globalization process, software is no longer developed by a sole enterprise which is based at one single location only. In turn, distributed engineering teams are continuously modifying software by bringing in their local knowledge and country-specific expertise. Due to this cooperation on a globalscale, today’s software engineers(More)
Collaborative Information Retrieval (CIR) is one of the popular social-based IR approaches. A CIR system registers the previous user interactions to response to the subsequent user queries more efficiently. But CIR suffers from the personalization problem because the goals and the characteristics of two users may be different; so when they send the same(More)
In this paper, we detail specifications of a Visualization On-Demand (VizOD) server. We show that packaging information visualization processes into services reachable over a network benefits both users and programmers, by reducing development cycles. We implemented a prototype based on our architecture, resulting in an innovative way to visually explore(More)
The main advantage of experience reuse approach is to integrate "reliable" knowledge, since "lived" and "validated" by users. For information retrieval systems, an experience or case is a search instance, represented by a search context and a set of evaluated document results. However, the major difficulty of reuse approach is to highlight "close" search(More)
In this paper we present an Information Retrieval System (COSYDOR) designed for sightless students or researchers, to improve their access to scientific information. Our approach consists in reusing search instances in order to help these users when querying COSYDOR. Thus, In the first part we define a search instance model, including our proposed user(More)
The main goal of this research is to improve Information Retrieval Systems by enabling them to generate search outcomes that are relevant and customized to each specific user. Our proposal advocates the use of Instance Based Reasoning during the information retrieval process. When conducting a search, the system retrieves a previous similar search(More)