Béatrice Laprade

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Genetic isolates have been useful cohorts in which to search for genes underlying disorders of unknown pathology. One such cohort is thought to exist in the Central Valley of Costa Rica surrounding the city of San Jose. Previous investigators identified a rare dominant gene for hereditary deafness in this population, and a suggestive linkage of severe(More)
Sixty-six families from Costa Rica with multiply ill sets of siblings were examined in detailed clinical evaluations and compared with 59 similarly evaluated families from the USA. Eighty-six unrelated Costa Rican individuals with a schizophrenia spectrum diagnosis and no other ill siblings were an additional comparison group. This study was undertaken to(More)
Schizophrenia afflicts roughly 1% of all people worldwide. Remarkably, despite differing cultures and environments, the expression of illness is essentially the same. Family, twin, and adoption studies identify schizophrenia as a genetically influenced disease. Linkage studies suggest many positive regions of interest, but as a complex genetic disorder most(More)
OBJECTIVE The understanding of complex heritable psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia could be clarified by examining endophenotypes within genetically isolated populations, such as the one found in the Central Valley of Costa Rica. The reduction of familial variability within a sample could allow the relationship between the cognitive and(More)
The solubility of a related series of parabens was determined in water at four temperatures. The parabens chosen were the methyl through n-butyl p-hydroxybenzoates, and the temperature variations were 5 degrees increments from 25 to 40 degrees. These solutes are useful preservatives, especially combinations of the methyl and propyl ester derivatives. The(More)
The solubilities of a series of chemically related barbiturates, including some medically useful ones as well as phenobarbital, were determined at 25 degrees in the straight-chain alcohols methanol through butanol. The solubility values are given in both milligrams per milliliter and the mole fraction notation. The solubility in methanol was the highest and(More)
INTRODUCTION Medication is a necessary part of treatment for severe psychiatric illnesses such as schizophrenia and nonadherence to prescribed medication is one of the most important public health issues in psychiatry today. The devastating consequences of nonadherence have motivated the development of novel therapeutic strategies, including a new long-term(More)
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