Bård Rasmussen

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Phagocytosis and the microbicidal functions of neutrophils require dynamic changes of the actin cytoskeleton. We have investigated the role of gelsolin, a calcium-dependent actin severing and capping protein, in peripheral blood neutrophils from gelsolin-null (Gsn-) mice. The phagocytosis of complement opsonized yeast was only minimally affected. In(More)
CD40 ligand-activated B cells are sensitive targets for CD4+ Th1 effector cells that kill in a Fas-dependent fashion. Susceptibility to apoptosis is counteracted by Ag receptor binding that produces a state of resistance to Fas engagement in otherwise sensitive targets. In the present study, protection from Th1-mediated apoptosis was found to be induced by(More)
To determine whether the increased filtration of serum proteins after glomerular injury is the consequence of altered electrostatic properties of the glomerular capillary wall, we measured fractional clearances of the anionic polymer, dextran sulfate, in nine Munich-Wistar rats in the early autologous phase of nephrotoxic serum nephritis (NSN). In agreement(More)
Polydisperse [3h] dextran was infused into eight Munich-Wistar rats in the early autologous phase of nephrotoxic serum nephritis (NSN), thereby permitting direct measurements of pressures and flows in surface glomeruli and fractional clearances for dextrans [(U/P) dextran/(U/P) inulin] ranging in radius from 18 to 42 A. Despite glomerular injury, evidenced(More)
The dihydrofolate reductase-deficient Chinese hamster ovary cell line, DXB11-CHO, commonly used as a host cell for the production of recombinant proteins requires 7.5% serum-supplementation for optimal growth. Regulatory issues surrounding the use of serum in clinical production processes and the direct and indirect costs of using serum in large-scale(More)
To evaluate the bioaccessibility of phenolic acids in extruded and nonextruded cereal grains, an in vivo experiment was carried out using growing pigs as a model system. Four diets were prepared containing either whole grain barley (BU), dehulled oat (OU), or their respective extruded samples (BE, OE) according to the requirements for crude protein,(More)
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