Bård Fjukstad

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The availability of large displays (Wallace et al, 2005) with very high resolutions is creating new possibilities in a work situation. In some areas the resolution is directly related to the amount of information that is in active use. Weather forecasting using high resolution modells, is one of such areas. A typical working environment for a forecaster at(More)
The task of Weather forecasting requires visualization of large data volumes. Numerical Weather Prediction models (NWP) are essential tools, and are typically run in batch systems for predetermined areas where data is available only at the end of each complete run. The NWPs are often run for as large an area as the available computer resources allow, this(More)
The spatial resolution of publicly available numerical weather forecasts is largely limited by the computing resources of the originating weather services. Only selected parameters are available to the public from many weather services. We present a scalable system for distributed computation of high resolution symbiotic numerical weather forecasts. Each(More)
A display wall is a wall-sized tiled display comprising several smaller displays and computers. Desktops and applications are hardly designed to control and do output on many displays, let alone on display walls. Consequently, performance suffers, and the human-computer interaction makes a users life miserable. The last nine years we have constructed a(More)
The Collaborative Symbiotic Weather Forecasting system, CSWF, let individual users do on-demand small-region, short-term, and very high-resolution forecasts. When the regions have some overlap, a symbiotic forecast can be produced based on the individual forecasts from each region. Small differences in where the center of the region is located when there is(More)
The Collaborative Symbiotic Weather Forecasting (CSWF) system lets a user compute a short time, high-resolution forecast for a small region around the user, in a few minutes, on-demand, on a PC. A collaborated forecast giving better uncertainty estimation is then created using forecasts from other users in the same general region. A collaborated forecast(More)
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