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The extent and dynamics of changes by short (1 min) or prolonged (6 min) tourniquet application while obtaining venous blood samples were analysed with respect ot 33 frequently measured constituents of blood and serum. After 6-minute tourniquet application the values for red cells, haemoglobin, packed cell volume, total protein, albumen, gamma-glutamyl(More)
  • B Junge, M Nagel
  • 1999
In a representative sample, 7,124 men and women in the age of 18 to 79 years were interviewed regarding their smoking habits. In 1998, one third of the participants, 37% of the men and 28% of the women, were smokers. The highest proportion of smokers was found in the youngest age group of 18 to 24 years--49% males and 44% females. The mean cigarette(More)
In a patient with refractory anemia with excess blasts (RAEB), a somatic mutation of mitochondrial transfer RNA(Leu(UUR)) was detected in bone marrow cells. Heteroduplex analysis indicated that 40% to 50% of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) molecules in the bone marrow (BM) carried the novel G3242A mutation. The proportion of mutant mtDNA was higher in CD34(+)(More)
In a comparative study, the differences between the values measured for 26 blood and serum components in both winter and summer were determined in 78 healthy subjects. Comparable conditions during the preparation of test persons, sampling, processing of specimens, and measurement were strictly observed. The term "season" is defined more precisely by(More)
To further clarify the role of ribosomal protein S14 (RPS14) in myelodysplastic syndrome, we examined RPS14 transcription in bone marrow derived CD34+ cells from patients with non-5q- myelodysplastic syndrome and found a reduced expression of RPS14 in 51 of 72 (71%) patients. MDS patients with an intermediate-1 risk (INT-1) score according to the(More)