Bárbara Steen

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This study deals with some methods of making human exposure estimates, aimed at describing the human exposure for selected air pollutants in Sweden that are suspected carcinogens. Nitrogen oxides (NOx) have been chosen as an indicator substance for estimating the concentration of the urban plume. Earlier investigations have shown that the traffic in Swedish(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Ultrasound coupling gel may serve as a vector for the spread of bacteria and has been the causative agent for significant health care-associated infections. The purpose of this study was to document existing infection-control procedures and level of contamination present within nonsterile ultrasound gel from several clinical(More)
Emission samples were obtained from two medium-sized power plants, one fired with oil and the other with pulverized coal. Particles obtained by a miniscale plume stack gas sampler (MIPSGAS), simulating the dilution process in the plume, were subjected to detailed physical, chemical and biological characterization. Studies by scanning electron microscopy and(More)
Optimization of Radziszewski's four-component reaction employing a microwave-assisted protocol, led to a small library of 48 imidazoles with a success rate of 65% (conversion > 45%). All three diversity points of the four-component reaction were varied. Aromatic and aliphatic inputs were successfully implemented and mono-, di-, tri- and tetrasubstituted(More)
The aspiration of barium contrast is a rare complication that may occur during studies of the digestive tract. Barium is an inert material that can cause anywhere from an asymptomatic mechanical obstruction to serious symptoms of respiratory distress that can result in patient death. We present the case of a 79-year-old male patient in whom we observed the(More)
  • P . J . Dijkatra, Bárbara Steen, B . H . M . Hams, H . J . den Hertog, Reinhoudt
  • 2000
Two new hemiapheranda 2 and e containing a central OH-pyran unit were synthesized via appropiately substituted 2,6-phenyl pyrylium salts; largest AGo values of complexation of e and 2b with different alkali picratea are found for Na+ and K+. Complexation of alkali cations has received much attention in the past two decades after Pederaen’a discovery of the(More)
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