Bárbara Rodríguez-García

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The development of upscalable oxygen evolving electrocatalysts from earth-abundant metals able to operate in neutral or acidic environments and low overpotentials remains a fundamental challenge for the realization of artificial photosynthesis. In this study, we report a highly active phase of heterobimetallic cyanide-bridged electrocatalysts able to(More)
The radical salt [ET]2[CuCl4] was obtained by chemical oxidation of bis(ethylenedithio)tetrathiafulvalene (ET) with the tetranuclear copper(II) halide cluster [Cu4OCl10](4-). Although a complex mixture of anions forms in solution during the redox reaction, only this product is obtained as large (>3 mm) single crystals. X-ray diffraction analysis determined(More)
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