Bárbara Moura

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The Java language provides a promising solution to the design of safe programs, with an application spectrum ranging from Web services to operating system components. The well-known tradeoo of Java's portabil-ity is the ineeciency of its basic execution model, which relies on the interpretation of an object-based virtual machine. Many solutions have been(More)
BACKGROUND There is a global growing trend of preterm births and a decline trend of fetal deaths. Is there an impact of the decline of fetal mortality on the increase of preterm live births in State of Sao Paulo, Brazil? METHODS The time trends were evaluated by gestational age through exponential regression analysis. Data analyzed included the fetal(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyze the factors associated with comprehensiveness in oral health care in Centers of Dental Specialists, according to the guiding principles of the Brazilian Oral Health Policy. METHODS An exploratory cross-sectional study, based on an interview with 611 users of four specialized dental care centers, was performed in the state of Bahia,(More)
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