Bárbara Fernández Valle

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We previously introduced the bar gene, along with chitinase and AP24 genes, into the pineapple genome. The present report focuses on the evaluation of the first vegetative generation of a transgenic clone containing these genes. Three materials were compared: macropropagated controls (non-transformed), micropropagated controls (non-transformed), and(More)
Diabetes mellitus type 1 is the most common endocrine metabolic disorder in childhood and adolescence. In this condition there is an absolute insulin deficiency secondary to progressive destruction of pancreatic beta cells, causing severe alterations in the metabolism of all essential elements (carbohydrates, lipids and proteins). The most obvious(More)
Genetic modifications of pineapple provide the potential to increase fungal resistance without the use of pesticides. Previously, we developed a procedure for pineapple callus transformation, introducing the antifungal chitinase and AP24 genes, and the herbicide-tolerance conferring bar gene as a selectable marker. The three recombinant genes were under the(More)
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