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The Latin American and Caribbean Region has different general characteristics as compared to other regions of the world. These peculiarities have determined certain food and nutritional problems which require specific programs and policies. Even though the universal coverage of basic needs is desirable, this is not the situation in the Region, and it is(More)
The most common mechanism of trimethoprim (TMP)-resistance is the acquisition of dihydrofolate reductase enzyme resistant to this drug. Previous molecular characterization of TMP-genes resistance in Chilean isolates of Shigella sonnei searching for dfrA1 and dfrA8, showed solely the presence of dfrA8 (formerly dhfrIIIc). However, these genetic markers were(More)
This paper analyzes the importance of food consumption surveillance; as food consumption is determined by multiple factors, the difficulties involved in this process are established. Some direct methods used for food consumption assessment and other indirect methods that can be used to infer it, are analyzed and discussed in terms of their advantages and(More)
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