Bálint Pernecker

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Since it has been suggested that gastric resections are followed by changes in bone metabolism, the aim of our study was to determine the biochemical parameters of bone metabolism and radial and lumbar bone density in 15 male ulcus patients treated by partial gastrectomy (Billroth II). Comparing the data with those of a corresponding control group, the(More)
In odonates, the emergence behaviour and finding suitable substrates for successful molting may influence the next generation and ultimately can determine the survival of the entire population. Understanding emergence behavior of endangered species and those granted special conservation status is particularly important. Despite this, little is known about(More)
Life cycle and microdistribution patterns of Cordulegaster heros, a charismatic species for nature conservation, are poorly known. Life history characteristics and multiscale habitat preferences of the larvae were followed for one year in monthly intervals by systematic samplings in eight headwaters, which resulted in data on 2562 individuals. We(More)
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