Azzeddine Soulaimani

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This paper discusses numerical solution of unsteady three-dimensional free surface flows. The governing equilibrium equations are written in the framework of the Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian kinematic description. The corresponding variational formulation is established afterwards. Since the variational problems are nonlinear with respect to the moving(More)
This paper discusses 2D and 3D solutions of the harmonic Helmholtz equation by finite elements. It begins with a short survey of the absorbing and transparent boundary conditions associated with the DtN technique. The solution of the discretized system by means of a standard Galerkin or Galerkin least-squares (GLS) scheme is obtained by a preconditioned(More)
This paper presents results using preconditioners that are based on a number of variations of the Algebraic Recursive Multilevel Solver (ARMS). ARMS is a recursive block ILU factorization based on a multilevel approach. Variations presented in this paper include approaches which incorporate inner iterations, and methods based on standard reordering(More)
Large CFD problems are often solved using iterative methods. Preconditioning is mandatory to accelerate the convergence of iterative methods. This paper presents new results using several preconditioning techniques. These preconditoners are non-standard in the CFD community. Several numerical tests were carried out for solving three-dimensional(More)
This paper presents a numerical method to identify the friction coeecient in natural free surface ows based on the optimal control theory. A Lagrangian operator is introduced whose partial derivatives provide state equations, adjoint equations and the optimality condition. A stable nite element method is used for space discretization, and a solution(More)