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Parotid gland cancer; 3DCRT; Postoperative radiotherapy techniques; Dose distribution Abstract Introduction: Postoperative radiotherapy of the parotid gland could be achieved with various radiotherapy techniques. However they irradiate differently the surrounding organs at risk (OARs) in particular the cochlea, oral cavity & contralateral parotid causing(More)
Sixteen Boer goat doelings, 16 Spanish doelings, and 8 Angora doelings and 8 wethers, 283, 316, and 330 d of age initially (SEM = 5.0), respectively, were used to evaluate effects of nutrient restriction on heat energy (HE). During the first and second 10-wk phases, 8 animals of each breed were fed a 50% concentrate pelletized diet at a level adequate for(More)
Introduction: IMRT becomes more suitable for treating complex target volumes as it is able to generate more complicated dose distributions and dose gradients with narrower margins than those allowed using traditional methods. As a consequence, IMRT can provide a clinical benefit in terms of increased tumor control through escalated dose and reduced normal(More)
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