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This paper, presents a new component labeling algorithm which is based on scanning and labeling the objects in a single scan. The algorithm has the ability to test the four and eight connected branches of the object. This algorithm, which is fast and requires low memory allocation, can also process an image that contains large numbers of objects. The(More)
This paper describes our ongoing efforts to provide efficient and accurate classification of microcalcification clusters in mammogram images. In this paper, a study of the characteristics of true microcalcifications compared to falsely detected microcalcifications is carried out using first and second order statistical texture analysis techniques. These(More)
Scientific journals are offered in many forms, some available in both print & electronic form & some in electronic forms only. E-journal have had opportunity to provide new features by taking advantages from the online environment. These features such as rapid publication, interactivity, multiple use, and non – linearity. The primary objectives to provide a(More)
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