Azusa Yamada

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Cytotherapeutic approaches have been investigated to overcome the limitations of existing procedures for periodontal regeneration. In this study, cell sheet transplantation was performed using three kinds of mesenchymal tissue (periodontal ligament, alveolar periosteum, and bone marrow)-derived cells to compare the differences between cell sources in a(More)
Osteoinductive pretreatment of human mesenchymal stromal cells (hMSCs) has been widely accepted in bone tissue engineering before the use of cell transplantation; however, the mechanisms by which osteoinductive medium (OIM) enhances osteoblastic differentiation are not well understood. Using periodontal ligament-derived hMSCs, we identified key signalling(More)
Periodontitis is a chronic inflammatory disease that induces the destruction of tooth-supporting tissues, followed by tooth loss. Although several approaches have been applied to periodontal regeneration, complete periodontal regeneration has not been accomplished. Tissue engineering using a combination of cells and scaffolds is considered to be a viable(More)
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