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—This paper presents a MATLAB simulation of fuzzy traffic controller for controlling traffic flow at multilane isolated signalized intersection. The controller is developed based on the waiting time and vehicles queue length at current green phase, and vehicles queue lengths at the other phases. For control strategy, the controller controls the traffic(More)
Traffic models play an important role in both today's traffic research and in many traffic applications such as traffic flow prediction, incident detection and traffic control. Modelling traffic dynamics and optimising the control signal are two interrelated problems. Modelling provides fundamental understanding of traffic dynamics and behaviour. In this(More)
Advanced intelligent control design cannot entirely replace the application of conventional controller in robotic system. On the other hand, intelligent controllers can be implemented into conventional controller design to increase its performance and ability. Most of intelligent control in movement control involves fuzzy logic and neural network system.(More)
This paper presents a fuzzy traffic controller for controlling a multilane-multiple traffic intersection in urban city environment. The developed controller applied to the model is based on the cooperation and distributed mechanisms with the neighbors' intersection. The phase sequence and phase length extension are used in decision making to provide(More)
The ability to classify distinctive odor pattern for aromatic plants species provides significant impact in food industry especially for herbs. Each herbs species has a unique physicochemical and a distinctive odors. This project emphasizes on the techniques of artificial intelligence (AI) to distinguish distinctive odor pattern for herbs. Neural Network(More)
Normally, signboards are used to remind road users to call contractor and authority department, when malfunction of traffic light operation occurs. As a result, the action that taken for repairing the traffic light system is depend on initiative of the road users to call and report the failure of traffic light operation. The delay of report to local(More)
The paper focuses on the application of neural network techniques in fault detection and diagnosis. The objective of this paper is to detect and diagnose the faults to a continuous stirred tank reactor (CSTR). Fault detection is performed by using the error signals, where when error signal is zero or nearly zero, the system is in normal condition, and when(More)
This paper presents improvement of a harmonics extraction algorithm, known as the fundamental active current (FAC) adaptive linear element (ADALINE) neural network with the integration of photovoltaic (PV) to shunt active power filters (SAPFs) as active current source. Active PV injection in SAPFs should reduce dependency on grid supply current to supply(More)
Electronic sensing technology intervention was intended to overcome human's physical limitation. It has developed and greatly advanced over the decade. This project emphasizes on characterizing herbs species based on unique of herbs odor. E-nose system in this project consist an array of commercial gas sensor which detects gas through an increase in(More)
Robots have been developed by human to do various things to make our life easier. There are many approaches, systems and technologies can be applied to develop different types of robots depended on the usage. This paper presents the new approach of interfacing a wireless robot using IFC (Interface Free Controller). This controller offers a new concept of(More)