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Mineral wool is among the commonly used conductive insulation material for building insulation. Studies on insulated building envelope in temperate climate have shown potential energy savings towards attaining energy efficient buildings and sustainable built environment. To date, there is no empirical data on the benefits of insulated building envelope in(More)
BACKGROUND With a higher throughput and lower cost in sequencing, second generation sequencing technology has immense potential for translation into clinical practice and in the realization of pharmacogenomics based patient care. The systematic analysis of whole genome sequences to assess patient to patient variability in pharmacokinetics and(More)
The aim of this study is to investigate the benefits of pitch insulation and ceiling insulation for air-conditioned buildings in the tropical climate of Malaysia. These are performed via computer simulations using a whole-building thermal energy software Integrated Environmental Solution (IES) with Apache Sim 6.0.2. The benefits are appraised by the thermal(More)
Poly[2-methoxy-5-(2'-ethylhexyloxy)-(p-phenylenevinylene)] (MEH-PPV) was obtained via the modified Gilch route. The expected polymer was obtained in an overall yield of 19.5%. The structures of all synthesized intermediates and MEH-PPV fully complied with their respective spectroscopic data using <sup>1</sup>H and <sup>13</sup>C nuclear magnetic resonance(More)
The use of solar control film on windows as one of solar passive strategies for building have becoming important and is gaining recognition. Malaysia located close to equator is having warm humid climate with long sunshine hours and abundant solar radiation throughout the year. Hence, befitting solar control on windows is absolutely necessary to capture the(More)
A field study was carried out to evaluate the benefits of insulated roof and insulated ceiling for naturally ventilated buildings in Malaysia. Two identical test cells with dimensions of 4m &#x00D7; 4m &#x00D7; 3m were used as building samples. Both test cells have identical design and were constructed with conventional building envelope. The non-insulated(More)
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