Azlinah Mohamed

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An optimal evacuation route plan has to be established to overcome the problem of poor coordination and uneven distribution of vehicles before or during disaster. This article introduces the evacuation vehicle routing problem (EVRP) as a new variant to the vehicle routing problem (VRP). EVRP is a process of moving vehicles from a vehicle location to the(More)
This paper examines the use of evolutionary computation (EC) to find optimal solution in vehicle assignment problem (VAP). The VAP refers to the allocation of the expected number of people in a potentially flooded area to various types of available vehicles in evacuation process. A novel discrete particle swarm optimization (DPSO) algorithm and genetic(More)
In this paper, we discuss baseline extraction algorithm for online signature recognition based on vector rules. In order to recognize, verify and analyze a signature, one needs to establish the feasible computational signature features which would be required to be extracted. The main features in this case are direction, slant, baseline, pressure, speed and(More)
According to the American National Science and Technology Council (NSTC), the first signature recognition system was developed in 1965. Then the research continued in 1970 focusing on the potential of geometric characteristic of a signature rather than dynamic characteristic. Nowadays, signature is a commonly used identification procedure. Everyone would be(More)
A constraint satisfaction problem (CSP) involves assigning possible values to a set of variables without defying any constraints. There are various techniques available to solve or give partial solution to CSP. This paper presents a modification of branch and bound algorithm, which is used to solve a constraint satisfaction problem in map colouring problem.(More)
  • Ankur M Vyas, Bijal Talati, Sapan Naik, Tajul Rosli, Bin Razak, Mahmod Bin OthmanDR +10 others
  • 2016
In terms of the productions of fruits and vegetables India holds the 2nd rank after China. India lacks of the automatic grading system even though the production of the agricultural products is so high. In India most of the grading of fruits are based on size feature which is done manually. Color and size are the most vital parameters to inspect the quality(More)