Azlinah Mohamed

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Automated fruit grading in local fruit industries are gradually receiving attention as the use of technology in upgrading the quality of food products are now acknowledged. In this paper, outer surface colors of palm oil fresh fruit bunches (FFB) are analyzed to automatically grade the fruits into over ripe, ripe and unripe. We compared two methods of color(More)
Currently, the distance related to time and location between distributed software development teams is considered contributing to the chaotic environment of Global Software Development (GSD). Furthermore, when it involves using Agile method where communication is crucial between developers and customers. This paper aim to discussed the issues that have(More)
Expert in agriculture field is in demand, so storing their knowledge would be useful. This research is to analyze the information in agriculture by constructing rules in evaluating the potential plants based on soil suitability and also marketability, yields, consumption or budget. The expertpsilas knowledge was extracted from an agriculture officer and(More)
An optimal evacuation route plan has to be established to overcome the problem of poor coordination and uneven distribution of vehicles before or during disaster. This article introduces the evacuation vehicle routing problem (EVRP) as a new variant to the vehicle routing problem (VRP). EVRP is a process of moving vehicles from a vehicle location to the(More)
In any flash flood evacuation operation, vehicle assignment at the inundated areas is vital to help eliminate loss of life. Vehicles of various types and capacities are used to evacuate victims to relief centers. This paper examines combinatorial optimization approach with the objective function to assign a specified number of vehicles with maximum number(More)
This paper examines the use of evolutionary computation (EC) to find optimal solution in vehicle assignment problem (VAP). The VAP refers to the allocation of the expected number of people in a potentially flooded area to various types of available vehicles in evacuation process. A novel discrete particle swarm optimization (DPSO) algorithm and genetic(More)
Risk management in IT outsourcing projects is a process of identifying, analyzing, controlling and reducing risks in IT outsourcing projects life cycle. Risk management is important as the practices of risk management will reduce the risks thus lead to success in IT outsourcing projects. Risk management should be conducted in IT outsourcing as it will(More)
Due to the advancement of technology, organizations depends more and more on information technology in order to stay competitive. Thus, there is an increase of IT outsourcing (ITO) activities especially for a non IT companies. There are many types of IT outsourcing namely complete outsourcing, facility management outsourcing and system integration(More)
Emotion control is one of personality characteristics that can be detected through handwriting or graphology. One of the advantages is it may help the counselor that has difficulties in identifying the emotion of their counselee. This study is to explore the fuzzy technique for feature extraction in handwriting and then identify the emotion of person. This(More)