Azlina Ahmad

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Augmented Reality book is one of augmented reality applications. Augmented reality is a current technology which is based on visually oriented technique. Its visual capability is useful in many applications such as in teaching abstract concepts in learning Science. This article is a part of continuous work in the development of AR book for deaf students.(More)
Word problem solving is one of the most challenging tasks in mathematics for most students. It requires the solver to translate the problem into the language of mathematics, where we use symbols for mathematical operations and for numbers whether known or unknown. From a study conducted on Malaysian school students, it was found that majority of them did(More)
One of Augmented Reality applications is known as Augmented Reality Book. Due to this, particular AR-Book is based on visually oriented technique and deaf students are generally classified as visual learners. The aim of this paper is to identify the criteria in developing an AR-Book for the deaf students. The AR-Book for deaf students is not the same as(More)
Most of the emerging digital tabletop prototypes lack the capability to identify users and hence cannot attribute actions to users. Identity attribution is essential for logging user interactions and activity analysis. This research uses a prototype of a multi-pen digital tabletop that supports user identification. A collaborative learning application(More)
There is a need to look at indigenous digital multimedia educational content development approaches that would meet the needs of indigenous community. This poster hopes to highlight the design of multimedia digital content based on the cognitive instructional design architecture for indigenous content thought suitable to create future knowledge workers(More)