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Whereas eco-feedback has been widely studied in HCI and environmental psychology, online manual control and automated control have been rarely studied with a focus on their long-term quantitative impact and usability. To address this, an intervention was tested with eighty office workers for twenty-seven weeks. Through the long-term field test, it was found(More)
Plug load energy consumption represents up to 40% of the total energy consumption in efficient buildings. Occupant behavior has a huge impact on plug load energy consumption. Studies have shown that up to 40% plug load energy savings can be achieved through users’ engagement in sustainable behaviors. To save energy from plug loads, either a company can(More)
Smart environments collect huge amounts of low-level data, but tend to fail to provide this data in an accessible, user-friendly, and meaningful way. Given the amount of time we spend inside buildings, the indoor environmental quality has a strong influence on our productivity and health. We developed the system SmartSpaces that aggregates and visualizes(More)