Azizah Abd Manaf

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Segmentation of human faces from still images is a research field of rapidly increasing interest. Although the field encounters several challenges, this paper seeks to present a novel face segmentation and facial feature extraction algorithm for gray intensity images (each containing a single face object). Face location and extraction must first be(More)
Recently, the attention of researchers has Audio because of the audio capability to hide data. There is some research to hide data in audio using watermarking technique. Some of them tried to use the watermark technique to protect the audio file of any tampering. The current research defined in this chapter issue by using cheap audio watermarking and(More)
The authentications of digital images have become the center of attentions for certain group of companies since the number of doctored images increased. Tampering the digital images in a way that it’s impossible to be detected by naked eyes has become easier with development of image editing tools. Digital watermarking can preserve the authentication of(More)
While using internet for proposing online services is increasing every day, security threats in the web also increased dramatically. One of the most serious and dangerous web application vulnerabilities is SQL injection. SQL injection attack took place by inserting a portion of malicious SQL query through a non-validated input from the user into the(More)
The integrity and authenticity of digital images have become more important in past few years with the fast improvement of digital technologies. The integrity of digital images can be achieved by using digital watermarking. In this paper we proposed an efficient image tamper detection method using 3 LSB (last significant bit) watermarking technique. In the(More)
The importance of text summarization grows rapidly as the amount of information increases exponentially. In this paper, we present new method for Persian Text Summarization based on fractal theory. The main goal of this method is using hierarchical structure of document and improves that for Persian language. The result shows that our method improves(More)
High efficiency video coding (HEVC) is the newest video coding generation of the ITU-T and ISO/IEC, which first appeared in January 2013. It has the advantage of reducing the bit rate by as much as 50 % when compared to H.264 while maintaining the same visual quality. In the last decade, authentication and copyright protection methodologies have become one(More)
High efficiency video coding (HEVC) was recently introduced two years ago as the new standard for video coding. This new codec will be the most widely prevalent standard. Because of the industry needs for authentication and copyright protection methodologies the robustness of this standard is required to be developed. This paper presents the first robust(More)