Azita Zaheri

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Therapy with antimicrobial drugs, such as clindamycin, that perturb the intestinal flora but fail to inhibit growth of other microorganisms can permit the proliferation of Clostridium difficile and the elaboration of exotoxin. Therefore, there has been increasing interest in the use of inhibitors of antibiotic resistance for use in combination therapy. The(More)
BACKGROUND Radiological examinations for patients who are hospitalized at intensive care units are usually performed using portable radiography devices. However they may require knowledge and safety precautions of nurses. OBJECTIVES The aim of the study was to investigate ICU nurses' knowledge of radiation safety and their behaviors towards portable(More)
Monolithic bulk metallic glasses (BMGs) exhibit a unique combination of mechanical properties, such as high strength and large elasticity limits, but the lack of ductility is considered the main Achilles' heel of BMG systems. To increase the competitiveness of BMGs vis-` a-vis conventional structural materials, the problem of catastrophic failure via(More)
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