Azita Emami

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—Retinal prostheses have successfully proven to be a viable treatment for advanced stages of retinal degenerative diseases such as retinitis pigmetosa. However, current implementations have critical limitations that affect their functionality and resolution. This paper reviews design challenges of the electronics considering the biology of the eye and(More)
— A low-power high-speed optical receiver in 28nm CMOS is presented. The design features a novel architecture combining a low-bandwidth TIA front-end, double-sampling technique and dynamic offset modulation. The low-bandwidth TIA increases receiver's sensitivity while adding minimal power overhead. Functionality of the receiver was validated and the design(More)
OBJECTIVE Uncontrolled proliferation of health technologies (HT) is one contributor to the increasing pressure on health systems to adopt new technologies. With limited resources, policy-makers encounter difficulties in fulfilling their responsibility to meet the healthcare needs of the population. The aim of this study is to explore how policy-makers'(More)
'Music therapeutic caregiving', when caregivers sing for or together with persons with severe dementia during care situations, has been suggested as a way to reduce problematic behaviors in dementia care. The present study implemented this technique as an intervention in dementia care. Six caregivers participated in group interviews about their experiences(More)
We are studying the transmission of LED array-emitted near-infrared (NIR) light through human tissues. Herein, we simulated and measured transcranial NIR penetration in highly scattering human head tissues. Using finite element analysis, we simulated photon diffusion in a multilayered 3D human head model that consists of scalp, skull, cerebral spinal fluid,(More)
We present a scheme for thermal stabilization of micro-ring resonator modulators through direct measurement of ring temperature using a monolithic PTAT temperature sensor. The measured temperature is used in a feedback loop to adjust the thermal tuner of the ring. The closed-loop feedback system is demonstrated to operate in presence of thermal(More)
With continuous demand for higher bandwidth chip-to-chip communication, signaling over wires has become extremely challenging [1]. Optical signaling is an attractive alternative due to its small frequency-dependent loss and higher bandwidth. Recent advances in silicon photonic devices and 3D integration [2] have enabled them to be a viable solution for(More)
BACKGROUND To develop a healthcare environment that is congruent with diversity among care providers and care recipients and to eliminate ethnic discrimination, it's important to map out and assess caregivers' awareness and acceptance of diversity. Because of a lack of standardized questionnaires in the Swedish context, this study designed and standardized(More)
—A novel technique for wideband injection locking in an LC oscillator is proposed. Phased-lock-loop and injection locking elements are combined symbiotically to achieve wide locking range while retaining the simplicity of the latter. This method does not require a phase frequency detector or a loop filter to achieve phase lock. A mathematical analysis of(More)